There is a lot more in store as we grow to help support and encourage brave loved ones and their families on this unique journey. 

Each brave loved one will receive encouraging Hugs for Hope text messages during their treatment cycle, to serve as a reminder that they are not alone and are stronger than they may know. 

Each household of a loved one on a cancer journey and their family will receive a Hugs for Hope box to include items and resources relevant to their journey. 

We are excited to be able to share Hugs for Hope in the following ways:

WE ARE A FAMILY dedicated to carrying out the desires of Kathleen Hall, devoted wife and mother

WE BELIEVE The power of positivity is essential, and we're here to share it! 

OUR GOAL IS to share hope with at LEAST 100 BRAVE WARRIORS on cancer journeys in 2022


THE HUGS FOR HOPE Board of Directors


“With my faith, family, and friends…. I have HOPE.“

Kathy Hall is the true inspiration and guiding light leading the way for Hugs for Hope Foundation.
She lived a life on the earth full of giving to her beautiful Family, her dear friends, and living God.
Kathy is known for being the one who always brought a smile, positivity, good feeling, and yes, the best Hug you could imagine!

Most call her “Bigger than Life” in how she made people feel. Kathy was indeed humbled by being at the receiving end of enormous acts of kindness, comfort, and prayers from her family, friends, and strangers during her courageous journey with cancer that she made this promise:

“When I get better, I’m going to figure a way to give comfort to people going through this journey. 
I don’t know how, but I will do it."

Kathy drew strength from her own strong will: “I’m not a statistic, I will beat this.”

Her Family: “I will see my kids and grandkids life milestones. “ (and she will)

Her Friends: “Everyone is so nice to me. I need to give back.”

Her Faith: “My Faith gives me Hope. I know I am a Daughter of God.”

Kathy left this earth on July 24, 2021 so that she could continue to give, guide, love from Heaven above. And deliver her famous HUGS from her heavenly perch, a place where her family knows she truly is Bigger than This Life!

Kathy inspired her family to continue her legacy of giving comfort, love, support, and hope to those in need through the Hugs for Hope Foundation.

Her beautiful life continues exactly the way she lives--giving comfort--wrapping her arms around you, and loving her family, friends, God, and remaining “Bigger Than Life.” 

Yes, she DID beat Cancer and is fully healed, as she dared anyone in her way to just “say I won’t. “


Kathy (Kathleen) HALL

Kathleen’s grandchildren will be the ones to carry the legacy of their Nonna, sharing hope and HUGS to those on a cancer journey.


John spend the majority of his career working for a Fortune 500 company as a Human Resources Manager and Training Coordinator. He has an abundance of experience leading teams and helping organizations achieve their business objectives. John honed his leadership skills as a Commissioner Officer in the U.S. Army. He recently launched J. Hall Enterprise, to partner with business leaders and support their journey to achieve key objectives. John serves on the Board of Directors and is Director of Volunteer Resources for the non-profit Honor Flight – Syracuse, whose mission is to take veterans to Washington, D.C. to view the memorials erected in honor of their service. His enthusiasm to serve on Hugs for Hope Foundation is only matched by the joy and happiness received from continuing the Legacy his loving wife of 45 years, Kathy Hall, to send Hugs and Comfort to those in need. John and the entire Hugs Team is intent on helping you give HUGS to your loved ones and to continue Kathy’s dream of giving comfort.



Colleen has experience as a High School Special Education teacher. She worked in the classroom with students with special needs and as their Case Manager helping to develop and implement Individualized Education Plans. Colleen's non-profit work includes being a Faculty Advisor for Key Club and currently serving on the board of her children's parent-teacher organization. In this role, she leads the food drives to benefit the local food bank and the winter wear drive to benefit hundreds of families in need of warm clothing city-wide. Serving as the Hugs for Hope Foundation Secretary, Colleen will bring her vast leadership and organizational excellence background to all facets of our mission. Colleen is honored and inspired to help spread the love and support that she witnessed Kathy Hall give to everyone every day, from stranger to family, through The Hugs for Hope Foundation.  



Ryan has over 15 years of experience leading sales teams as a Regional Sale Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. In this role, he leads sales efforts and helps drive performance across the Northeast and New England regions. Ryan has experience working in a team culture as a member of the Colgate University football team as well as serving as an executive board member for the Delta Upsilon fraternity which opened doors for volunteering within the Hamilton community. Ryan has a passion for family, community and sharing the Hugs that his beloved mother, Kathy Hall, instilled in him. Ryan’s experiences will grow the Hugs for Hope Foundation, ensuring many will receive those HUGS.



Christine has over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Development education. She has worked with children & parents, providing care for children ages ranging from newborns up to school age children.  Christine has worked in many Toddler daycare rooms as a Lead Teacher, planning & organizing daily lesson plans throughout the year. These skills sets make her uniquely qualified to serve as a Board Member for the Huge for Hope Foundation.  Christine continues her volunteer activity serving food to the homeless and under privileged at a community church. She has the honor and privilege to carry on her Mom’s legacy to give hugs and to provide the support to people in need through the Hugs for Hope Foundation. 



From NYC to CNY, Kelly has served as a marketer for a variety of Fortune 500 publishing companies and currently serves families with real estate needs nationally as a Realtor® with eXp Realty. With a passion for giving back the gifts God has blessed her with, Kelly has volunteered for NYC Cares, The Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, The Good Dog Foundation and now has the ultimate honor of developing the Hugs for Hope Foundation with her family. There is no greater joy than to bring her beloved mother's heart-filled vision to life and continue her love legacy by sharing comfort to those on a cancer journey...one HUG at a time.