Welcome to Hugs for Hope Foundation—a place for those on a cancer journey to feel supported, comforted, encouraged, and loved.  

You’ve Been   Hugged! 

You’ve Been      Hugged! 

We send gift boxes to those who are courageously on the road to a cure for their specific cancer, letting them know they're not alone. 

 Every hug sent is with love, hope, and of no cost to those who request one. This is our gift to you.

we aim to share hope with Loved ones on cancer journeys.

- Lowers blood pressure
- Reduces stress
- Boosts the immune system

Yet during this Covid time, hugs have been deprived from many. Sending a Hug box to those undergoing a cancer journey is one way to extend a hug by sharing positivity and hope. This also applies to a positive mindset.

Hugs offer health benefits: 


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